The 8 Best Plugins for Divi
Developed by the team at BeSuperfly & Terry Hale, Image Intense is an incredibly nifty plugin to have in your dev toolkit. Image Intense combines the functions of three already existing Divi modules – the text, image, and button modules – into one all-new comprehensive module. Once the plugin is installed and activated on your website, you’ll see a new module – Image Intense – offered as an option in the Divi Builder console.

Through Image Intense, you’ll be able to add an image, assign a caption to the image and set hover text and overlay states with animation transitions. If done manually, these effects would result in hours of a class assignment and CSS scripting – a particularly challenging task if you’re new to or unfamiliar with code and the fragility of syntax. With the sheer number of text placement, animation and hover state options available, you’ll be able to turn a rather drab looking site build into a beautiful and engaging brand asset for either your own business or that of your client.

Source: Check out and learn more about Divi Booster 

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