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Who We Are

We’re a growing web design/marketing agency that can  dedicate our time and creativity to your business on a personal level so you are not just another client on a list.

What We do

We research and understand digital strategy marketing and the benefits it will bring to your business. We find the problem you are having online and solve it for good.

How We Do It

We put years of experience to work for you. We build websites that work hard so businesses don’t have to. Intuitive design and digital strategy is how we do it.

Getting Ready

List of Content

Okay, Hi, I’m Bobby C. You want to start a website for your business and you are probably pretty excited about it. But wait, how do you go about starting a website, what do you need, where does it go, who’s going to design it, and so on. Well I’m going to break it down for you and give you a better understanding of what you need step by step. It’s really not that difficult for either of us if you have everything you need in order.

Far too many business owners come to me gung-ho about getting a website for their company before they are even close to ready. Now don’t worry it’s not that hard but people get overwhelmed and suddenly make a big deal out of writing a paragraph about themselves, their business and what they do for work. Seems to me that someone that’s been in business for ten years should know how, when, and where they started their business and certainly know what they do. So the first thing you need to do is write out some basic information about you, your company, and what you do. You do not have to be a literary genius, just be yourself and explain what you do. About four paragraphs in a Word document will do for now.

Word document example for website design content

Visual Content

So now you have your text content in order and it’s time to start digging through pictures or taking pictures of your business, products, services in action. This is another point where business owners have trouble for no reason. Somewhere along the line you must have taken pictures that represent your business, products, or services, right? Even if not, it’s safe to say that a majority of the population today have smart phones right in their pocket that are fully capable of high resolution images. So if you are working or selling take a picture of your guys at work or your favorite products and so on. You are not expected to be a Professional photographer, just have a steady hand and snap a shot of what you think best represents your business. Of course there is always the option of hiring someone to get it done.

Account information photo for Incloud Design

Account Information

One of the biggest hang-ups in order to move forward once your basic content is established is accessing or creating accounts. By accounts I mean for Social Media, Banking, Hosting or any other accounts that will be necessary for your website to have the functionality you desire. Social Media is a very strong tool these days for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I would highly suggest putting it to good use. Banking information is mainly used for income on your website and a place for money to go from sales, donations, or payments for service. Hosting is necessary so your website has a place to live on the internet and a domain name address to find it. Having this type of information at hand will speed up the process immensely and if you don’t have it already I can surely set it up with you and document credentials along the way. Credentials for all accounts are always filed and copies are forwarded to you.

Budget / Needs

Once you have all of the above and are ready to start shopping for a designer, price has to be determined. Ultimately, the cost of your website is entirely up to you. Take for instance, I have numerous clients approach me with “How much for a website” and that is like walking into a car dealership and asking “How much for a car?” What are your goals? What features would you like? Do you need a store? Will there be data entry? Maintenance and such. It’s impossible to quote a design without first knowing the details and requirements along with readiness for the design. That said, as you shop around don’t go by price but rather by what you are going to receive for the budget you have. As a rule, a basic five page website with no bells and whistles from me will cost you between $650-$1250. We discuss in detail what you are looking to achieve, how much you have to invest, and build accordingly. You can always add to your website as time goes on and the website makes you money. The websites you see online that have thousands of pages once had five pages, no questions asked.


That should do it for now and if you feel comfortable enough with your prepared documents and other content then give me a call to discuss a time to get you and your business online.

Thanks, Bobby C.

Are You Ready

Final checklist

If you’ve made it this far you are probably ready to set up a time to get started on your website. Before you call or email please go through the list below to double check and assure you are completely prepared. It is well worth it once the process begins.

Basic List of Content:

• Company Logo (PDF, EPS or High res. JPEG if possible)

• Hosting Login (Hosting account and/or Cpanel login)

• Current Website Login (if currently a WordPress website)

• Images and/or video you’d like to use for your new website

• Basic style guide, colors or any special graphics being used

Any questions, please feel free to ask. Click below for more…

Our Process

Website Designers

If We build it.
they will come

A story of inspiration

I am Bobby Caron (Bobby C.), this is my website and Incloud Design is my creation. Web design and technology have always been inspiring to me. The way things work has always been an interest of mine. I believe in life anything is possible and with hard work and dedication, “The Sky is The Limit.” When it comes to design, especially web design, it takes more than just a creative mind. Designing websites is like writing a book; you’ll always start with a blank page. What you write in your book has to interest your readers and clearly state the purpose and meaning of its’ content. Google is going to read your book so it better be well written if you want to attract attention. We turn your readers into fans.



We use WordPress for content mangement (CMS) which today is used on a better half of the websites across the internet. This provides you complete control over your content for updates plus website maintenance. Utilizing the latest digital strategies, responsive design, and marketing techniques is how we put you first.

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  • Social Following – 95%


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Let’s face it, you don’t build a race car for looks alone. Of course you want people to look at it, but what good is it without an engine. At Incloud, we pay close attention to detail and design. More importantly, we focus on speed and the overall performance of your presence online. Your website will be a showcar and Divi will be the engine. Our design strategies get you ahead of your leading competitors while our team of Professionals keep you there. Incloud Design –“The Sky’s The Limit.”

How Much For A Website

What Are Your Needs

Imagine walking into a car dealership and asking “How much for a car?” Do you want a Volkswagen or a Porsche? You determine the needs of your website, we build it.


*Please note that by clicking “Get Your Price Here” above you will directed to a website estimator. The estimator is only intended for a rough quote and general idea of website pricing. Contact Incloud Design for specific pricing and services.

Google reviews

Get an idea of what clients have to say about Incloud Design. If you would like to see more, just click below or Google Incloud Design and see the results.

I've known Bobby for some time now and in passing have discussed that he worked with the internet. I hadn't really given it much thought. Then he did my website over and I was shocked at how much of an improvement it was. Night and day difference, Thanks Bobby!

Michael Mason

Company Owner, A-Pro Builders INC.

I really enjoyed working with Bobby from Incloud Design! He was knowledgable, timely, and very responsive to our organization's needs. I am not the techy type and he patiently worked with me to design our website to exactly what we wanted! I highly recommend Bobby for his skills, creativity, and stellar ability to work with people. And the price was very reasonable too! Incloud Design is a complete and professional web site design company that I highly recommend!

David Calzini

Business Owner, Calzini's Plumbing / Heating

For the past 6 years I have been taking advice from Bobby C. at Incloud Design. My plumbing business located in Shrewsbury, Ma. and covering most of Worcester County has excelled immensely by using the techniques suggested for marketing and SEO by Incloud Design.

Paul Druin

Business Owner, All Faiths Cemetery

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