A Custom Thunderbird with Windows Features (Looks)

I’m absolutely amazed by the ignorance of the large corporations of the world. Microsoft, case in point is the worst company in my opinion that exists today. Have you gone on their forums lately? What an entire waste of time and sure way to become frustrated at the ignorance I speak of. The attention they put on absolutely pointless features when they don’t even have an offering of any value in the most common other than social media and texting, communication used today. EMAIL! How can a company that is running it’s software on half the computers of the world not focus and having the best possible email solution around? But you can find outstanding software for free that just works, period.

I really like the look and feel of Windows 10 Mail but it sucks and does not offer anywhere near what a Custom Thunderbird offers. So after a bit of research I found a way to customize Thunderbird to look not only like Windows 10 Mail, but better in my opinion. It is done using mainly CSS and the source files are from Github. I’ll post links below if you want to attempt a custom designed Thunderbird yourself and I’ll also leave a link to Google Drive with my fully customized version and all you do is drop a folder and replace in the profiles directory of Thunderbird.

“Way Better Than Windows, I Think”

Custom Thunderbird-Make Thunderbird Look Like Windows 10 Mail App

Just drop the folder in the zip file at this location. Your default profile will have it’s own set of letters.

Here’s the location text, just swap my user (incloud) with yours:

If you have experience of any sort with CSS, you can easily set your own colors, fonts, and other settings with ease. This modification has made not only the best and most Professional looking email client I have used but functions in a very User Friendly way. The UI of this is way better than anything readily available today. Simple, straightforward, but intuitive design by: Incloud Design

Hope you enjoy! Please comment and subscribe for answers and help when needed!

Zip File (instructions inside)

Custom Thunderbird Download

Github Source Files & Accomodations

Monterail Custom Thunderbird

For a very comprehensive guide to userChrome.css

* https://monterail.com/blog/2016/the-power-of-email-clients-why-did-we-redesign-thunderbird?utm_source=Thunderbird&utm_campaign=Dribbble&utm_medium=blogpost%22

For the initial inspiration to do this:

* http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/04/stunning-thunderbird-redesign-mockup – For alerting me to the beautiful mockup by: monterail.com

Bobby C.
Incloud Design