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A majority of us use FaceBook on a regular basis whether it be for socializing with friends or a s a means of advertising our business. Our FaceBook Training Essentials dig into the meat and potatoes of the social media engine allowing you to go beyond the basics and utilize it to its’ fullest. Sure you know how to get around and add friends but in most cases your average user does not have an idea of what FaceBook is ultimately capable of. Take for instance profile images and their dimensions. Uploading a picture to use is pretty easy but having it display correctly without being cutoff is another story.

Did you know before reading this that you can now use video as a profile banner? Do you know how to get a business page to act as your primary account through social media sharing? Now that’s just a couple things off the top of my head but there are hundreds of features within FaceBook that are often overlooked due to be hidden deeply within the system and only found by Admin’s and Developer’s using API’s and such. It is not, and does not have to be difficult at all. Incloud’s series on FaceBook Essential Training will walk you through step by step and provide answers to all the things that you have wondered about, guaranteed. Best of all, it’s free and has no obligations or hidden fees. Give it a try and please leave comments as to what you think!

Bobby C.
Owner: Incloud Design 

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